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What is Versatil?

Versatil™ is a company of consulting, research, planning, designing, development and operation of projects based on Business Processes and Information Technology. Our company is committed to define complete solutions, instead of isolated informatics solutions that any other Information Technology supplier do. It is important for us to emphasize the service part because we know it complements any informatics solution that you wish to implement.

Our Costumers count with a multidisciplinary team of professionals that along with a Consulting Group of Versatil™, define projects with specific objectives and real performance indicators to achieve short, medium and long term goals.

It is important to clear that our experience with similar projects in different countries of the region, lead us to establish a precise guide of indicators that can be determined only with a Consultation to define these indicators. For example:

  • Revision and design of business processes.
  • Definition of the actual in-store number of articles, category management.
  • Efficient category management.
  • Products classification and functional Commercial Structure.
  • Continuous Replenishment Strategy.
  • Definition of the efficient assortment between operation units.
  • Traffic analysis and merchandising based on category management schemes.
  • Project the operation integrating a Distribution Center.
  • Measurement of the transport logistics operators.
  • Certified deliveries between operation units and by suppliers.
  • Standardization of the id or bars code at every operation level (consumption unit, distribution and pallets handling).
  • Inventory localization methodology.
  • Elaboration of requests for replenishment to the operative units or stores, among other processes.

All these indicators would be an essential complement in the way to determine the most viable solution for your prestigious company.

Our experience indicates us that there are many essential criterions for the integration of any application, leading it to a personalization and adjustment according to the particular necessities of a company. Even though, there are new tendencies in the markets and changes in the making business methodology that are important to know and evaluate to compare them with the actual processes; this with the purpose of evaluate costs, actual and future benefits for the Client.

We are convinced that we could bring valuable knowledge under the logistics processes consulting criteria that from an external point of view, it is basic for the better functional analysis of any company. All of this supported by software that includes an integral and complete solution for the benefit of our Clients.

Background and History

Versatil™ began as a company in 1989 in the city of Guadalajara, Mexico, where has been developing its operations. In 1992 it incorporated its services in México City (operating in the Clients facilities) and according to the in force projects in some foreign cities directly or through business associates. The company was founded by people who have an important experience in operating commercial establishments. With the initial support of enterprises like Hewlett Packard and IBM settled the preliminary requirements for the development of the company’s first products. The work team of Versatil™ counts with experience in developing projects of different areas of the industry, the commerce and the public sector. Before founding the company, the principal executives of Versatil™ developed activities in important companies of the country.
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